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[PubliC Release] XenCentral Ad Server

XC Ad Server is a fully featured and powerful advertisement management system for XenForo

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    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Visible Branding:
    XenCentral Ad Server is a feature-rich and powerful system to run and manage advertisement on your XenForo community. The add-on is designed to work as enterprise level ad server and complete solution for advertisement management and community monetization. The system is fully integrated with XenForo administration and fully manageable from easy-to-use and friendly interface. The product comes with full PayPal and CDN integration, purchasing and embedding tools, enhanced statistics and much more (see below).

    For questions, suggestions and feedback please do not hesitate to Contact us and post in our Support Forums. Enjoy! Thank you!

    Product is brought to you by XenCentral
    Powered by DNF Technology Drnoyan & Nalyan LDA
    Features Overview

    • Full integration with XenForo Admin Panel and Front-end (Admin permissions, User permissions, easy On/Off switcher etc.
    • Up to 70 click-and-go locations in all XenForo pages (with graphical preview of location)
    • Fully customizable Image/Text banners
    • Embed Zones using ANY hook in Custom Hook mode
    • User banner zones: Allow/Deny your users to purchase banners on per-zone basis.
    • Forcing image dimensions for each zone.
    • Unlimited Activation Packages (Pay X for Y Hours/Days/Months/Years)
    • Full PayPal support, with transaction history, support for refunds. Administrators have "local" payment method available that skips PayPal server entirely and activates banner immediately.
    • Full set of Targeting tools using XenForo User/Date/Page Criteria options
    • CDN support
    • Full UI for your users to manage their ads, see campaign efficiency - CPM, CPC, CTR, graphical stats etc.
    • Front-end page listing User Zones: show where you accept banners, numbers of slots free, how well each zone performs etc.
    • Zone Statistics: full set of graphical statistics for all zones with possibility to filter by zone and date.
    • Banner Statistics: full set of graphical statistics for all banners with possibility to filter by zone/banner and date.
    • Only banners/zones available for users are shown in Statistics. Administrators see statistics for all banners and zones.
    • Embed Zone and Banner virtually everywhere a short Embed Code. Copy-paste into your HTML/WordPress/etc. site and run your ad there.
    Full product description and functionality explanation see here!

    Demo - http://demo.xencentral.com
    (as testing of product requires access to administration panel please send an email to sales [at] xencentral.com to get login credentials)

    It is highly recommended to have APC/XCache/Memcached configured as XenForo Cache, otherwise file-cache is used which is slower and may cause extensive disk space usage.

    Support Forums - http://forum.xencentral.com/

    Support Desk - http://desk.xencentral.com/

    For any question, suggestion, feedback email us at sales [at] xencentral.com Enjoy! Thank you!

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