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[PubliC Release] XenCore Tools 3.0.1

60 news features for your XenForo !

  1. XenForo Rocks
    Fix bugs and add more features:

    - Fix bug when sidebar is at left adn sticky option enable
    - Fix bug with floating navigation register (bad link)
    - Fix bug in Template Modification for dispaly Font Awesome Icon in Postbit
    - Fix bug Font Awesome icon before Title staff online block
    - Fix bug when use lef sidebar + collapse option

    - Add Font Awesome icon in "Account drop down menu" option to Two Step Verification
    - Add Font Awesome icon in sub-navbar for "New Profile Posts"
    - Add color picker for "Glow Around the user block info" option
    - Add color picker for "Background color to sticky threads" option
    - Add color picker for "Alternating color in post" option
    - Add color picker for "Hightlight on links" option
    - Add rotate logo on hover with transparent option
    - Add color to "Effect mouseover onnodes" option
    - Upgrade Font Awesome CDN version (4.5.0)
    - Add new Font Awesome icon before title sidebar blocks:
    • New Posts
    • New Profile Posts
    • New resources
    • New Medias
    • Gallery Statistics
    • Your Statisctics
    - Delete "No Register yet" phrase, hardcoded now (use {xen:link login})
    - User property (color palette) to "Visual change the title of the thread" option (border/font color)



    1. 3FADa9G.png
    2. QtRTtEV.png
    3. c8mDDEB.png
    4. afbmBq3.png
    5. Vtmwx5R.png
    6. RRy1qym.png
    7. W7CMtd3.png
    8. MFxvr5K.png
    9. o4f3WB7.png
    10. NkLsj5J.png
    11. YfH4ep7.png
    12. GPUf1w5.png
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