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XenFacil Utiles 1.0

Style your XenForo easily. Compilation of template modifications and much more

  1. XenForo Rocks
    Credits and thanks primarily to Shelley and others members.

    This is a compilation of template modifications and others added by me.

    With this add-on you can style:
    • XenForo Title (forum_list only)
    • Thread Titles
    • Threads listings
    • Sticky threads
    • Node Icons (forum_list only)
    • RSS icon with transition
    • Transitions for threads and descriptions (forum_list only)
    • NavTab avatar user icon, inbox develope and hat alerts.
    • Member profiles fully styling
    • Sidebar styling
    • Quotes hight delimited
    • Attachments styling
    • Message User Info styling
    • User Ranks,
    • etc

    Hightly customizable in ACP->Appareance->Style Properties->XenFacil Utiles - ....
    All customizable for each style.

    Enable/Disable Add-on completely with a click (and save).

    11.png 12.png 13.png 14.png 15.png 16.png 18.png 20.png 21.png 22.png 23.png 25.png

    Compatible with Chis add-on installer.
    Upload contents of upload folder to your root forum XenForo.
    Install add-on



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