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Xenforo Extended Smilies 1k

Xenforo Extended Smilies for any add-on.

  1. Caldexi
    Xenforo Extended Smilies 1k
    Xenforo extended smilies that extend on the Xenforo default pack.

    • Upload to your smiley folder and start adding them via the admincp >> smiley manager
    Shelley Note
    Look at this release as an ongoing work in progress, I'll be constantly designing and adding more smilies to the pack as time permits for an even extended variety of smilies to choose from for your members.

    Update 18-3-2014
    Since the spritesheet was made available to guests (without my consent) it broke the terms of usage which I set so therefore removed them. If at any point in the future the permissions have changed I'll resubmit them. At this time they are not available here.

    How to add smilies via Spritesheets
    With XenForo 1.1, it's now possible to (optionally) define individual smilies from a sprite image. This video shows you just how easy it is to use the system.