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[Free Add-on ] XenForo Updater 1.1.4

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Cookies are now stored in the session as a serialized cookie jar.

(Download issues will now be fixed)
This is version 1.1.2 - I didn't release 1.1.1 to the RM, but it is available as a 'release' on github.

Version 1.1.1 fixed the redirect to the updater. It now uses the board URL option, so make sure that is correct.

It also wrapped loads of method calls in try...catch blocks to catch exceptions, log them to the server error log with a friendly prefix, and allow a nice (albeit not very helpful) error message to be displayed.

Version 1.1.2 adds automatic purging of data, so your internal_data doesn't get filled up. This can be done after every update, or periodically via a cron. The cron by default runs once a week (Sunday at midnight). You may wish to change to to be less regular. You can enable the cron option and run the cron manually if you wish.

The auto purge system is configured from the new option category.
This is the same as the previous version, except it now checks for the zip extension on install and update.
No longer produces a server error if an invalid product is chosen.

An invalid product is now a product that doesn't exist, or isn't installed, or isn't active.
Auto update should now work for the media gallery and enhanced search :)
This version adds initial support for updates of official add-ons.

Note: Only the XFRM has been tested. I'm not 100% sure of the XF id's for the other add-ons, so they may not work.
This beta adds FTP uploads, for those that don't have writable access to their XenForo installations from the PHP user.
This version adds a quick information page prior to continuing.

It also changes the page titles, making it more obvious what the page is for as well as changing the actions (for the same reason).

It also fixes a bug where this add-on stopped working in the last version...
  • Fix error caused by having non-active licenses
Changes/New Features
  • The system will now try and match a license in the list to your site. It does this by checking to see if the license name is contained anywhere in the board title option.
  • If you're not running a beta version, the version selected by default when downloading from the xenforo site will now also be selected by default when using this add-on.
Other Notes

I've uploaded this to github (use the more information at github.com... link). Feel free to submit a pull request with bug fixes/enhancements/new features.