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[iNTERNAL] Xenith 1.5.14

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Compatible XF Versions
1.4, 1.5
12 months; $25 optional annual renewal
Visible Branding

Xenith is a carefully designed theme for XenForo. We took special care in crafting each XenForo page to ensure quality and offer an engaging and interactive experience for your users. From profile to the postbit, from the threadlist to search listings, we made sure the design was cohesive. We even designed for the media gallery, resource manager, xenPorta 2, and featured threads, XenForo's hottest add-ons.

Having been built with UI.X, you can take full advantage of everything the framework offers. Custom node icons, FontAwesome, Sticky navigations and userbars, complete integration with the widget framework, sticky thread, node, sidebar, and postbit toggling options, a width changer from fluid to fixed, and support from over 2000 different XenForo forums reporting bugs and making sure this is the most feature packed, fast, and modern experience on the market.


Many other features include the ability to easily switch out the background image, a node grid management system (stacked, side by side, or in a 3x2x4 or whatever grid, its entirely customizable!), avatar styles, postbit styles, navigation and page styles, footer management, and much much more! Give Xenith a try today!

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Audentio Design
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Latest updates

  1. Minor bug fixes and update to XenForo

    Hi everyone, This version of UI.X is ONLY compatible with XenForo 1.5.9 and up. Read why here...
  2. Minor bug fixes and update to XenForo

    See all updates here: UI.X
  3. Minor regressions from pre-1.5.9, all bugs fixed to date!

    Hi everyone, This version of UI.X is ONLY compatible with XenForo 1.5.9 and up. Read why here...
  4. Update to 1.5.9, major sidebar improvements and all bugs reported fixed

    See full release notes here: UI.X
  5. Update to 1.5.7 and minor bug fixes (including prefix alignment!)

    See full release notes here:UI.X