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[PubliC Release] XenReviews Beta 5.1.2

Reviews System For XenForo

  1. XenForo Rocks
    General Features
    • Unlimited sections/categories with unlimited sub-sections/sub-categories (I imagine it will work like the resource manager categories).
    • Each category will have it's own permission settings for who can create an item (product/store/etc) for review (if you're the first person to review it you'll have to first create it) and who can review it.
    • Member card will (optionally) display the amount of reviews the user has submitted
    • Permission setting to auto-publish reviews (if turned off they'll have to be approved).
    • Custom fields for each category:
      • For creating an item, examples:
        • Price
        • Location
        • Platform (if it was the game category)
      • For reviewing an item, examples:
        • story mode: 1-5 stars,
        • realism: 1-5 stars,
        • game play: 1-5 stars
        • overall: 1-5 stars (this one isn't actually going to be a custom field as every item will have an overall rating).
    • Option for each category to allow a referral link (to be shown when reading a review).
    Viewing A Category
    • When viewing a category you'll see a list of all items (products/stores/restaurants/etc).
    • Clicking one of the items will result in a list of reviews.
    • Sidebar block/widget (possible to use bd widget framework, your guys' call) to display the stats for that category (# of reviews, # of critics(?), # of items, etc).
    • If the user has permission to make a new item, they'll see a link to make a new item (option to make every item need approval before being seen).
    Viewing An Item
    • Tabbed content: the pages title would be the item's name, description would be about the item, tabs would be "About", "Reviews". More tabs can be added/changed, they'll obviously work off phrases.
    • A link to create a review (if permissions allow).
    • Reviews will look somewhat like threads, you'll be able to sort by a few different methods (time submitted, the rating given, the rating they've received (since I understand you want products to be rated as part of the review and user's reviews to also be able to get rated). Or they could look like posts I suppose?
    Creating An Item
    • A form with all the custom fields.
    • The ability to upload an image (maybe images? not sure if multiple is needed) for the product.
    • A name for the item.
    • Description of the item.
    Viewing Reviews
    • I imagine this will somewhat look like the resource manager's resource: user's avatar, name of item?, the rating they gave, not really sure her.
    • Tabs: "Review", "Discussion" (to discuss this person's review, if there's questions or something), more, less.
    • Ability to rate the review.
    • Sidebar blocks/widgets :
      • Stats on the author (# of reviews, average rating received on reviews, etc).
      • Item information (maybe the average rating it's recieved, some other information)
    Reviewing An Item
    • Form with the custom fields
    • Ability to use your referral link (if the category [and your permissions] allow
    Link structure (SEO was brought up) would be basically the same as the rest of XenForo:
    /reviews/ (index, show all the categories), /reviews/user/5749.daniel-hood/ (reviews by me), /reviews/1.category-name/ (the product list), /reviews/item(?)/1.first-product/ (viewing the product), not sure about the link to viewing a review, /reviews/review/id.username/ doesn't seem good, possibly /reviews/review_id.username/review but that breaks out of the norm.

    Admin Panel
    • Manage categories
    • Manage permissions
    • Search reviews by user
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