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Compatible XF Versions
1.1, 1.2
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This addon integrates the users of xenForo with WordPress. The currently available WordPress bridges do not create an account on WordPress which means that a lot of the plugins that utilize the members part of WordPress become obsolete. Furthermore, when the bridge is removed your WordPress site is left with no members on it's own.

This bridge solves these issues and adds onto the previous bridge functionality. It creates a user in WordPress to make sure that all WordPress user addons work without a problem. Additionally, all users are able to post and comment normally.

This is a one way bridge, meaning all registrations and log-in are handled by xenForo. WordPress is there to simply collect and sync user information and store it in it's database for future use.

  • Creation of User on WordPress
  • Username Sync
  • User-email sync
  • Avatar Sync
  • User Mapping / User group sync
  • Single-Sign On
  • Redirection of user profile/dashboard to respective xenForo pages
  • Solid user integration
At the moment, I could not find any way to introduce password sync. Since xenForo uses a completely different encryption method from WordPress.

For this reason, the plugin will assign the user-email as the password for the WordPress account.

Since Single Sign-On will do the work when the bridge is enabled, you will not come across this issue.

WordPress Plugin Conflicts
  • Buddypress (Haven't explored the reason why)
  • W3 Total Cache (Messes up Single Sign On)
  • White Label CMS (Messes up Avatar Sync) - Haven't figured out why
Installation instructions are found within the download package.


How to Purchase
  1. Register at http://faeroncorp.com/community
  2. Purchase the "XF-WordPress Bridge" user upgrade
  3. Go into the Release section and download the latest release of the bridge.

Please do not re-distribute this add-on without my permission.
One purchase allows you to use this bridge on one site.
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