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XenForo Enhanced Search 2.0

Accent insensitive searching

Mostly self explanatory but ultimately this could improve search results in locales which make heavy use of accents in their languages. It can introduce some unexpected matching but at least it can now be controlled to fit your site's needs. Prior to XFES 2.0, the searching was accent sensitive meaning (for example) esta and está would be considered different and unlikely to match.

Support HTTPS connections to ES and authentication

These are new advanced options which will allow your connection to an ES server to be authenticated and/or use a secure connection. This should make it easier to use off-site hosted ES instances or simply increase security within your own server environment.

Recency weighting changes

This previously required the configuration of a custom script within ES, but you now get it automatically without having to configure anything (other than switching it on/off, as desired).

Dedicated configuration page

All of these options are now rolled up into a dedicated page in your admin control panel (Under the Setup navigation entry). There's no longer a two step process of enabling followed by configuration and testing. Before redirecting your searches to ES, the configuration you provide is tested and optimized which should prevent initial errors for your users while setting things up.

Per content type optimization structure

XFES 1.x only includes a fairly generic and global optimization process. To ensure indexes are kept as efficient as they can be, it is now possible for developers to configure each content type with what fields are indexed and the type of data.This is handled via XF\Search\Data::setupMetadataStructure().
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