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XenForo Resource Manager 2.0

Multiple uploaded file support

A single resource may now contain more than one uploaded file. If a resource contains more than one file, clicking download will bring up an overlay listing the available files:

Change resource type

The type of a resource can now be changed without deleting and recreating a resource. This means that a file can be added to a previously fileless resource or a free resource can be changed to an external purchase and vice versa.

If the resource is a type that explicitly supports versioning, old versions of the resource will still be downloadable (when appropriate).

Versioning control per category

Resource versioning can now be enabled or disabled per category. Previously, any resource that contained a file or was externally purchasable exposed versioning explicitly. Disabling versioning means that:
  1. Users will not be prompted to enter a version number.
  2. Historical version access will be disabled.
  3. Updating a resource file or download URL uses a different wording.
Internally, versioning is still enabled, so if versioning is enabled at a later time, access to history and version updating will be enabled.

Category drag and drop sorting

As with several other areas in the control panel (including nodes and media categories), resource categories can now be sorted using a drag and drop system. This allows you to not only reorder categories but to change their parents.

Category permission analyzer

While previous versions of the Resource Manager did support full per-category permissions, you could not do permission analysis on a specific category. This potentially made troubleshooting and confirming permissions difficult. XenForo Resource Manager 2.0 now supports this.

Featured resource carousel

Featured resources will now display above the resource list with a carousel. This allows more featured items to potentially be seen than before without taking up additional vertical space. You can see this in action here.

Efficient watch sending

As popular resources may have a large number of people watching them, previously there are occasionally issues sending these watch notifications. This has now been updated to our new notifier framework, which ensures that many watch notifications can be sent without interfering with the ability to post resource updates.

What's new: watch filtering

Within the new resources page of the what's new system, you can now filter to only displaying resources that you watch (either directly or via the category they are in). This makes it easier to find updates to exactly what you're interested in.

Search: only primary resource by default

Searching resources will no longer search the content of resource updates by default. In many cases, returning results in updates will reduce the relevance and accuracy of the search results. If you are looking for text within a resource update, you can enable searching of these on the advanced search page.

Several blocks within the resource manager have been converted to widgets so they can be placed anywhere. This includes the top resources (limited to specific categories if desired), the most recently updated resources (also with a category limit), and the latest resource reviews.
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