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[XI] License Validation

[Free Add-on ] [XI] License Validation 1.0.3

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This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.

This simple add-on will automatically verify user's license status via XenForo's License API. Once validated, it adds the user to a configurable secondary group where additional privileges can be added.
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  1. Upload files in the ZIP
  2. Install add-on XML
  3. Set options found in User Options
This add-on comes with 2 options:
  • Secondary User Group (what they are added to after being validated)
  • Validate Domain: If turned on, a user will not be validated if the validation token and domain do not match.

This add-on does not store any validation codes or reverify down the line. It may come in a future update depending on how many users request it. A disclaimer for this update has been added in v1.0.1.
Likes: AlexCG
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