Xmas green Notification v1

A green xmas notification themed card to wish your members a merry xmas.

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    Summary You will need to have Notifications - powered by Gritter - Developed by Chris Deeming to use this.

    Install Upload the images in the archive and put that in your /gradients folder. You will then have to create your notification and use the custom field and insert "xmas3" without the quotes. and then paste the following into your Extra.css template and done.

    .xmas3 .gritter-item {
        background: url("@imagePath/xenforo/gradients/xmas3.png") no-repeat scroll center bottom transparent !important;
        width: 300px;
        height: 250px; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-with-image {
        width: 200px;
        padding-right: 25px;
        padding-top: 50px;
        color: #daf7d0; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-without-image {
        width: 260px;
        padding-left: 20px;
        padding-top: 50px;
        color: #daf7d0; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-with-image .gritter-title {
       color: #ffeca8 !important;
       font-size: 14px !important; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-without-image .gritter-title {
       color: #ffeca8 !important;
       font-size: 14px !important;
       text-align: center; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-with-image  a, .tablet .gritter-without-image a {
       color: #921717 !important; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-with-image  a:hover { opacity: 0.6; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-image {
       padding-left: 18px;
       padding-top: 85px; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-dismiss {
       padding-bottom: 15px;
       padding-right: 20px;
       font-size: 10px; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-dismiss a { color: #ffeca8 !important; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-dismiss a:hover { opacity: 0.6; }
    .xmas3 .gritter-close  {
        background: url("@imagePath/xenforo/gradients/xmas3close.png") no-repeat scroll top left transparent;
        right: 150px !important;
        top: 35px !important; }
    Conditions of use:This pack may be used on forums, websites but cannot be redistributed or repackaged in any way shape or form for any reason without prior consent of the author.
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