1. kemopaws

    [Question] How to add albums to categories?

    I have been looking everywhere on how to add albums to categories with XenForo Media Gallery and cannot find a way. I have seen other websites do this but it says they're using "XenGallery" with XenForo. I guess that is different then XenForo Media Gallery? I am not sure. I looked around for...
  2. O

    [Solved] Add Glow to username

    I want to add a glow shadow to my users names on my site how do I add that within the usergroup customization :)
  3. maximuz

    [Answered] Name of this add on

    Hello friends as it is called this add on, that when arriving as a visitor shows alert messages as seen in the image? Thank you
  4. D

    [Answered] Which Add On Do this Forum Use?

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, do you guys know how to make the recent post show up on the main page and the forums list become on the right sidebar like www.blackhatworld.com ? I want my forumer to see the main page is recent post so can see if the missed out...
  5. U

    [xenForo Tips/Guide] Tutorial Add extra fields to any content using separate table

    Let's consider the wiki addon. Its articles and comments are extended posts in some pre defined node. So there is a following problem: we need to generate prepared version of post with added table of contents and autolinking since onfly processing of that would kill performance. We need extra...