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    vBSocial.com Memberlist lite - Inspired by Facebook 1.1

    drunkenmonkey submitted a new resource: vB Version: 5.x.x The best memberlist for vBulletin 4, vBulletin 5, the userlist re-defines the way your users will find other members. Its light on load, and searches are on the fly, improve your community with this epic modification. Demo video...
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    SCANU's Guest Warn - Elegant Floating Message for your guests [vb5] 3.1

    drunkenmonkey submitted a new resource: vB Version: 5.x.x This modification shows an elegant warn for all guests of your forum with the possibility to add a close button, it's a conversion of this mybb add-on. For all the features or the mod version history click here Look at the screenshots...
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    [Free Add-on ] [KL] Anonymous Links 2.0.1

    [KL] Anonymous Links Description This addon allows you to redirect all links posted by your users to a no-referer-service to hide where they're originally coming from. It only proxies links where BbCode is parsed and does not rely on JavaScript to work. Features Redirect all Links to...