1. Ass?

    Beta Self Account Deletion 1.0.0 Beta 2

    This add-on gives your members the ability to delete their own accounts. You have the option of setting a 'cool down period', during which time access to the board is restricted to a notice that their account is scheduled for deletion - they can cancel deletion before the cool down period ends...
  2. yuvi

    [Free Add-on ] Username Avatar 1.0

    This addon provide feature to make colorful avatar from username Feature: Get first letter as avatar Option to first letter as uppercase or lower case Chose random multiple color on every refresh color will change support with all default Xenforo functionality
  3. XenForo Rocks

    Tabbed Options

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Tabbed Options - Creating Tabbed options in XF2 Read more about this resource...
  4. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Style] White Dream 1.2

    Theme Features Lastpost avatar on forum home Bottom bar for tablets and mobile devices Enable/Disable option for bottom bar on desktops Default or Rounded avatar on messages Animated online status 2 columns node list Move sidebar to left side Sticky navbar
  5. Lodpot

    [Answered] Requirements for PubliC resources

    Hey guys~ I'm trying to figure out what the requirements to download PubliC resources are! Anyone know? Thanks Lodpot
  6. Matverben

    [Free Add-on ] [MA] Interdiction de répondre aux autres discussions 1.3.1

    ( Sorry I develop the add ons in French, but I'll release the translation soon ) This add on is very simple : You choose an user group You enter some node ID and that's done ! The users in the group you've set up will not be able to answer to thread created by other people in the selected...
  7. Matverben

    [Free Add-on ] [MA] Google Font Integration 1.1

    With this add on you can add some Google Font to your xenForo installation very easily. It adds : One option group : 'Intégration de Google Font' with one option. One template modification 'page_container_js_head' That's all ! How it works ? In the options you'll find a text field like that...
  8. X

    [Answered] small visual bug in resources, preview attachment error

    I was browsing the resources area and noticed this tool tip bug. It's nothing major but I figured I would point it out: notice the .bullet in there. hope this is the right section I didn't see any bug report area xD On another note, I just discovered I can't view my own attachments! I...
  9. X

    View poster IP, group permission?

    I want to allow a specific usergroup to view a poster's IP address in specific forums only. Is it possible to do this without having to give someone general moderator permissions / assign moderators one by one? And if not, is anyone aware of a plugin that can add this functionality? Thanks!
  10. Matverben

    Remove Audentio/Theme House Branding - Style Edition

    Matverben submitted a new resource: Remove Audentio/Theme House Branding - Style Edition - An easy way to remove Audentio Brandmark ! Read more about this resource...
  11. Matverben

    [Template/Code Modification] Remove Audentio/Theme House Branding - Style Edition

    Welcome to my tutorial 'How to remove Audentio Brand Mark' ! If you're sick and tired of seeing the 'Theme designed by Audentio Design' at the bottom of your forum, you're at the right place ! So let's go ahead ! Step One : Go in your forum root directory with your favorite FTP client and...
  12. K

    How to remove Audentio and Nobita brandings?

    Anyone know how to remove them from xenforo?
  13. roothacker

    [Answered] Vip Status

    Where is my Vip status I have just paid for 1 year And your premium upgrade Imformation does not get always ne page displayed and this here. The page you are looking for can not be found. Similar results are provided below, or you can try another search...
  14. Tosh

    [PubliC Release] Cometchat 6.1.0

    CometChat – that can be integrated into your website. This chat enhances interactivity, allowing users to chat with friends and other Internet users. CometChat uses standard PHP and MySQL to communicate. No additional modules on the server side is not required. CometChat can be used to create...
  15. Tosh

    [Translation] [HA] Site Tour and Hint - German 3.2.5

    Additional Requirements: [HA] Site Tour and Hint The German translation for the [HA] Site Tour and Hint
  16. yuvi

    [Free Add-on ] Message Length Limit 1.0

    Allows setting per individual member a message length limit. If you have that one member that likes to post extremely long posts, this add-on will prevent that. This way the default XenForo Message Length Limit can still apply for all other members. (Example of Options page) (Example of...
  17. yuvi

    Message Length Limit

    yuvi submitted a new resource: Message Length Limit - Allows setting per individual member a message length limit. Read more about this resource...
  18. yuvi

    [Free Add-on ] Password 1.1

    Password protect forums and thread contents. (Example of Password page) (Example of Options page) Features: Allows single or multiple forums to be password protected. Password only has to be entered once. Password saved in cookie. Threads in password protected forum also require...
  19. yuvi


    yuvi submitted a new resource: Password - Password protect forums and thread contents. Read more about this resource...
  20. yuvi

    Change Reply Button Text

    yuvi submitted a new resource: Change Reply Button Text - Guide to customize "Reply" button text Read more about this resource...