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    UI.X is a feature-rich XenForo theme that is built around the idea that it can be thrown any scenario and handle it beautifully. If you want your visitors to have a fully responsive beautiful metro/flat user interface with features such as a sticky navigation, side by side nodes, social media...
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    [iNTERNAL] [TH] Personal Conversations Last Read Time 1.0.0

    I coded this mod for someone that converted from Ipb. Anyway, this mod will add a Last Read Date option at the Conversation Participants block when viewing a conversation. It is group permisison based. After installing the mod, go to Group Permisison tab and under the Conversation setting you...
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    [PubliC Release] [TH] Two Step Authentication Essentials 1.0.4

    This add-on currently adds the following features: YubiKey OTP Support (Supports every YubiKey produced to date) Ability to enable/disable specific two step authentication methods FIDO U2F support (Supports YubiKey 4 [incl. nano], YubiKey Neo], FIDO U2F Security Key, YubiKey Neo-N, YubiKey...
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    [iNTERNAL] [TH] User Upgrades 1.8.1b

    This add-on adds additional features to the built-in user upgrades functionality.
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    [iNTERNAL] Intrepid

    Absolutely amazing XenForo Theme! This flat metro design is extremely sleek. It can suit any board. The flat modern colors are what give it a unique look, but they too can be changed to anything. View Live Demo | View Product & Purchase Thank you! Audentio Design
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    [iNTERNAL] Xenith

    Xenith is a carefully designed theme for XenForo. We took special care in crafting each XenForo page to ensure quality and offer an engaging and interactive experience for your users. From profile to the postbit, from the threadlist to search listings, we made sure the design was cohesive. We...
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    [iNTERNAL] [AD] Monetize Pro with DFP & Affiliate Link support 2.1.1

    AD Monetize Pro is the first to officially support DFP integration and therefore full template conditional support. With other advertisement managers you need to use conditional statements to get your advertisement to display on certain forum nodes, certain page criteria, certain usergroups or...
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    [Translation] German translation for [AD] Donate - Multi-campaign Manager [Du-Sie] 1.0.2

    This is the complete german translation package for the [AD] Donate - Multi-campaign Manager [Du-Sie] add-on. Feel free to comment issues or suggestions.
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    [iNTERNAL] [AD] Donate - Multi-campaign manager 1.2.5

    With so many expenses, your organization can often find that offsetting cost with donations is a great way to produce continued quality services and better experiences for your guests. Enter [AD] Donate, a simple yet powerful donation manager. Run multiple campaigns at the same time. One for...
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    [Translation] German translation for [AD] Navigation Manager [Du-Sie] 1.0.8 Patch 1

    Dies ist das deutsche Sprachpaket für das Add-On [AD] Navigation Manager Autor: Audentio Design Link zum Original: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ad-navigation-manager.4204/ Der Support erfolgt ausschließlich im Thema des Originalautors. Solltet ihr Probleme mit der Formulierung von...