burning board 4.1 / wcf 2.1

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    Redactor - FontAwesome 1.1.1 pl 1

    This plugin for WoltLab Community Framework 2.1 is the perfect addition to the fa BBCode. After a successful installation and the permission setup, the editor will be extended by a "FontAwesome Icons" button. When clicking on this button, a window will be shown, where you and your users can...
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    Snowfall 1.0.0 pl 2

    Beautiful, highly configurable snowfall effect for your community. IMAGES
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    ImageProxy 1.1.1

    This plugin loads down external images and include them internally via a proxy.
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    Tim’s 2-Factor Authentication 1.0.0

    Tim’s 2-Factor Authentication provides additional proctection for your users’ accounts. After login it ensures that the user himself sits in front of the computer by asking for an ephemeral security code! As secure as a fortress… During development of Tim’s 2-Factor Authentication we focused on...
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    Xeno³ Smilie Pack 1.0.0

    Extends the default smilies by 62 already known smilies from @Xeno³ in WoltLab Community Framework 2 IMAGES
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    One-Time-Username 1.0.0

    One-Time-Username is the simple solution to prevent confusion in your community, since it blocks the use of previously used usernames, after they become available for others, e.g. due to deletion or after renaming of users. One-Time-Username also manages the list of blocked usernames for you, it...
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    Replace URL by Name 1.0.1 pl 2

    This plugin replaces posted links without a title into links with title by reading the title tag / filename of the linked page / file. As soon, as you install it, it will work fully automatical. You don't have to set anything in order to use it. Images
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    Simple Page 2.0.1

    Description That plugin allows you to display your own content on a simple page. Only One Page! Functions Your own content. Use Smiley, BBCode or HTML. Content in multiple languages. Change page title and description. Show the page in offline modus. and more ..... Help on Operation...
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    User online marking extension 1.2.1 pl 3

    This plugin adds the online marking for all links added a userLink class besitzten, this is done via Ajax. This is, for example, the case in the sidebar, conversation, Dashboard and many farther sides. IMAGES
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    WoltLab - Burning Board 4.1.4

    Installation Guide WoltLab® Burning Board® 4, Community Blog™ 2, Community Calendar™ 2, Community Gallery™ 2 and Community Filebase™ 2 Table of contents: I. System requirements II. Preparations & considerations III. Installation procedure IV. Update from Burning Board® 3.x or...
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    Tim’s Chat 3.0.5

    Tim’s Chat is a capable chat software for your community. It convices by a seamless integration into your community, advanced permissions, it is feature rich and easily customized via the templates! The power of an application Tim’s Chat is a standalone application for WoltLab® Community...
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    SmartBox – BBCode 1.0.3

    The SmartBox BBcode is a further developement of the popular box BBCodes by cls-design. This further development was necessary as the old BBcode did no longer meet our demands. Moreover, we'd like use again the multiple BBcodes with this new development, which wasn't possible in WBB4. In the...
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    Hide selected usergroups from the members list 1.0.1 pl 2

    This plugin for WoltLab Community Framework 2 (Maelstrom) hides members of selected usergroups from the members list. You can also hide members, which are disabled or banned. Images
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    IP-Tools (Rangeban) 1.0.0 pl 1

    This extension of the IP Tools plugin for WoltLab Community Framework 2 extends the extends the WoltLab Community Framework by the possibility, to ban ip address ranges. Compability This extension is compatible with WoltLab Community Framework 2.0 and WoltLab Community Framework 2.1. This...
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    Light Blue 1.1.0

    Hello, this is my first own which is based on the WCF basic style. Maybe it's a base for somebody to modify this style :D IMAGES
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    Lucent 1.0.3

    For questions or problems please contact the wewexmedia support. The spreading of the style is explicitly not allowed! General Information The versions up to 1.0.2 are compatible with the WCF 2.0 / WBB 4.0 The Version 1.0.3 is only compatible with WCF 2.1 / WBB 4.1 Installation This...
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    Grass Green 1.1.0

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    Light R&B 1.1.0

    Hello, this is the third based on the second (-> Dark R&B) It's a light and the colors are red, blue and grey. https://www.dennisaugenstein.de/ IMAGES
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    Dark R&B 1.1.0

    Hello, this is my second and I think this one is better than my first It's a dark with the colours red and blue. IMAGES
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    Mileniano 1.1.0

    For questions or problems please contact the wewexmedia support. The spreading of the style is explicitly not allowed! General Information The Version 1.0.0 is only compatible with WCF 2.0 / WBB 4.0. The Version 1.1.0 is compatible with WCF 2.1 / WBB 4.1. In this package is only the red...