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    [Free Add-on ] Dice 1.0.2

    Dice Bb Code DISCLAIMER This is a demo Bb Code to show how to use the preCache system of the BBM addon. So no need to ask me custom modifications on it, I will not do them. But if you want to modify it, feel free to use the "CC by" licence. The only thing I will add will be a TinyMCE Quattro...
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    [Free Add-on ] [h] Roll Dice RC2

    This Dice Manager from Hoffi is an awesome Tool, which is used to roll Dice. In the AdminCP the Admin can add and edit dice, rules and wiresets (RPG Systems like D&D) with easy and complex rules. All can be ex- and imported. You can do much more, than roll a simmple d10 inside a post. You can...