1. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak 2.7.0

    Additional languages available French Description Nodes Icon Tweak allows you to easily change the default icons of your nodes (Read, unread, pages and links). Four types of replacement icons are available: Font Awesome Icons loaded from your server Sprite image URL Custom Font Icons...
  2. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [XFA] Members Map 1.3.1

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Google API Key with Google Map Api enabled (https://console.developers.google.com) Description With Members Map, you can display a map on your forum to display the localization of your forum members if they wished to. For members where localization is set, a...
  3. XenForo Rocks

    Brivium - Documentations Creator

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Brivium - Documentations Creator - Documentations Creator is a tool for making gorgeous documents in your forums. Read more about this resource...
  4. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] Brivium - Documentations Creator 2.0.2

    Creating a document to instruct or provide for users is not the default. Thus, to make your document more stunning, we introduce you a tool for making gorgeous documents in your forums. Documentations Creator could allow users to create unlimited number of documents at the front-end. Each...
  5. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [XFA] Document/Manual/Tutorial/Article Writer 2.8.0

    Description Xen Factory has created for you a new complete application add-on for XenForo: Document Manager ! With Xen Factory's Document Manager, you and your users can create documents, manuals, tutorials, books, guides, or any kind of document type, and maintain then overtime very easily...
  6. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [XFA] Post-it 2.1.0

    Description This add-on lets your members stick post-its to your forum, eg. to take notes or remember important tasks to-do. With our Post-It add-on, your members can create as many post-it as they like, change their width, the background color and write any text they want. Features Usergroup...
  7. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [XFA] Multiple Countdown 2.2.1

    Description This add-on lets you add a new block to your forum sidebar with an unlimited number of countdown ! A page is dedicated to the complete management of the counters. As long as the counter has not started, you can edit the countdown parameters. Features Unlimited number of counters...
  8. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Add-on ] [XFA] XenProduct Manager Best Sales 2.0.0

    Description This add-on adds Xen Product Manager best sales in a sidebar block. Features Usergroup permission to hide/show total product sales Exclude specific products from being displayed Selection of the number of products to display Number of members counting method configuration (based on...