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    [xenForo Tips/Guide] How to set secure file/folder permissions for Xenforo

    This guide is for folks who are wondering how "chmod" and "chown" should be applied to Xenforo. Perhaps, like me, you started messing around with those two commands trying to fix one problem, then realized you might have created a bigger problem and now you're trying to fix it. I just spent a...
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    [RSS Feed/News] (NB41) Social Count Fans

    This plugin display the number of social accounts fans, followers, subscribers, friends, watchers. Supported services: facebook twitter googleapis pinterest youtube github vimeo dribbble foursquare delicious instagram vk 500px steam feedly twitch mixcloud deviantart spotify stumbleupon You...
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    [RSS Feed/News] Facebook Comments on Articles

    This hook will add Facebook Comments plugin to board articles that the users will have the ability to comment on articles using their Facebook accounts. Note: you should create Facebook app first (Read More...). This is a very basic version... It's planned to include more features in the...
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    [RSS Feed/News] (NB41) Upload Group Restrictions

    This plugin allow to administrator set up attachments settings per user group (override global attachments permissions). Support topic Continue reading...
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    [RSS Feed/News] Dragon 4.1.17.x

    A Dark 'Dragon' theme for IPB 4.1.17.x Includes: PSD Files for logo and Team Icons Dark CKEditor Theme Readme.txt file (includes installation instructions) Themed for the following: Forum, Blog, Gallery, Chat, Pages, Downloads, Commerce Please contact me if wish to view demo. You will be...
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    [PubliC Release] [Nobita] Image Optimizer 1.1.3

    DESCRIPTION Optimizing all images which stored in XenForo to lower size and do not loss quality. Content Supported: XenForo default attachments Profile avatars Image Proxy Cache IMPORTANT Add-on have provide a powerful settings in ACP options. You MUST settings option before running...
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    [RSS Feed/News] IPBWI for WordPress v4 - Sync Groups

    Automatically synchronize WordPress' user roles with IPS community suite groups! No core files touched! Once you have mapped the WordPress user roles with IPS user groups of your choice, you will get IPS secondary usergroups synced with WordPress' user roles. Primary Group in IPS community...
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    [RSS Feed/News] IPBWI for WordPress v4 - Community Comments

    Replace WordPress' comment system with IPS discussion topics! No core files touched! With this plugin, you replace the whole WordPress' comment system - instead, IPS forum topics will be created upon first comment of a WordPress post. While the recent topics are displayed on WordPress, further...
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    [RSS Feed/News] Cool Funny TEAM icons

    Hello Everyone. Here are some new cool funny Team icons for your forum. You can change the colors, titles or whatever you want from the .psd file that you will download. All styles are in one file. You have just to save them as .png when you will change the titles or anything else. Font that...
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    [RSS Feed/News] (SD) Bitcoin - - Gateway

    Author: Spanner ( Description: Payment gateway for IPS Community Suite (Commerce app) that allows payment using Bitcoin via Continue reading...
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    [RSS Feed/News] Enhanced ipsSpoiler

    This plugins allows use parameter with the spoiler BBCode, this parameters shows as description for spoiler box (see screenshots). This plugins override standard ipsSpoiler and is functionally is compatible with it. Spoiler widget in CKEditor will be clickable and you can change description...
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    [RSS Feed/News] Custom Username Icon

    This plugin will allow users to choose one among 634 font awesome icons to be displayed before their link across the suite. Icon will be displayed only before the user link. Setting: Groups allowed to choose an icon Compatibility: Member's Country...
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    [Answered] Fastest way to migrate to XF from vB4?

    Hello there, I'd like instructions and tips on how to migrate to XF in the fastest way possible so we have minimum downtime on our forum. I tested it on a dev site and the importing process alone took several hours and then comes the customizations. If I repeat the entire process, it would mean...
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    [Solved] 2Step Verification/Authentication location at database

    Where are located the files for 2Step Verification/Authentication, at database? can't find under xf_user nor even a special table, where is it?
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    [Answered] How to remove brivium braning?

    Ive searched and couldnt find osmething that works..I have this below the footer XenForo Add-ons by Brivium ™ © 2012-2017 Brivium LLC. How to remove it??
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    [RSS Feed/News] Doxygen for PHP Doc IPS 4

    demo: this is the doxygen of IPS 4's PHP files. i will try to keep it current with each new release. Instructions: download file, extract into your IPS root path. open browser, *note: you can upload it to your server, but...
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    [iNTERNAL] Brivium - Download All Attachments 1.0.2

    You want to download all of the attachments from your forum/site instead of a single one? You want your members could save time in downloading all files at a time instead of downloading every files and spend much time in that? Brivium offers you an option for that. You can buy and install our...
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    [RSS Feed/News] Trendy Group Icons - TEAM icons IPS4

    Hello everyone. Here are some new trendy team icons for your IPS4. I made only 3 with simple ranks: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. You can customize them as you want regarding the colors & titles but i recommend to use the default & simple rank bellow: TWO Styles: Colored/Normal (just for preview, not...
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    [RSS Feed/News] (NB41) Who To Follow

    This plugin will display the block with X random users Idea This plugin also: - display following counter and followers counter on hover card - display the block "Following X members" in user profile - display the page "Members %user% is Following" If you have any questions before purchase...
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    [RSS Feed/News] Email Templates as Files [Paid]

    Xon submitted a new resource: Email Templates as Files - Load Email templates from files. Allows Email templates to be loaded as files to allow php opcode to be leveraged. This feature will be native in XF2 Ensure opcache.max_accelerated_files in /etc/php.d/10-opcache.ini (or distro...