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    [Free Style] Vertiforo 1.2 2018-03-02

    Version XenForo 2.0 Full reagent Dark and orange colors Xenforo 2 Personalized backgrounds of nodes in the forum edit Free premade headers for download Customizable footer in the admin panel Cursor Panel Ad panel Sidebar position (left, right, or off) 3 preset colors (orange, green and...
  2. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Add-on ] Simplicity Lite 1.03

    Simplicity is a free, light-weight and -- simple! -- style for Xenforo, great for anyone looking for a minimalistic theme. Simplicity doesn't have bells and whistles, but makes minimal edits to default Xenforo to give you a pretty and elegant starter theme, making it both light and fast...
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    [Free Add-on ] [WGBB] User of the Month 1.0

    This addon that was coded byAayushallows you to select users on your forum to be featured in your sidebar. I call it User of the Month because that's how long each user is featured on my site. However, you can feature them for as long as you like (a day, week, month, year, etc) To use...
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    [Free Style] Brivium - Iodine 1.5.2

    Iodine Style is made with the classic platform of XenForo with main focus on flat & simple design. It's almost suitable for technology / Windows forum. So, do you like it? It totally free, Just stop by our shop and get it now! INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Upload the contents of the upload...