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    404 Errors

    My site is getting 404 errors on every element on the sire, admin pannel does not work. The /install works and im currently rebuilding. Here is a pic Admin now works
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    WBB Update 4.1.9 4.1.9

    Resource submitted by drunkenmonkey Burning Board® is the key to build up and run a successful community. The 4th generation of our established forum software provides an excellent user experiences using the best available technologies. Our structured and efficient administration control panel...
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    How do you fix this??

    Hi guys, I have IPB 4.1.7 NULLED, how do I fix/enable these extensions?? Thanks for any help provided :)
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    Simple Image Upload 1.4.0

    vB Version: 5.0.1 Download: http://mod.postimage.org/download/si...in_english.zip This is a very simple alternative to attachment mod. It works only with images and allows users to quickly add images to posts. All images are stored on third party image hosting service and bbcode for images is...
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    Altushost.com -20% Lifetime Code

    Hi Boys, If anyone needs it, here is a -20% Lifetime Coupon Code from Altushost.com: ALTUSHOST4WHSR (AltusHost Promotional Code: ALTUSHOST4WHSR) You can use it for shared web hosting, openvz, xen and windows vps hosting. Have Fun!
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    Any suggestion. or what free hosting can i use to test xenforo online ?
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    [Free Add-on ] Polls 1.0

    Description: Shows a results page with threads that have polls. This add-on is designed to be used by staff only. (Example) (Example of Options page) (Example of User Group permissions) Installation: Download polls_v1.0.zip and unzip it. Upload the Andy folder to your server. The...