1. D

    Open Graph not coming up as image i want

    Hello maybe someone on here can help me i am having a problem with the open graph not coming up as what i set it as it seems to be overriding what i have. Here are some images to help explain any time the link is shared that volume down button is there
  2. B

    [Solved] Image Proxy, Link Proxy

    Hello, Can someone tell me the right Settings for the Image and Link Proxy? I am not sure if this is ok: Which Secret Key should i write in, some Random Key? PS: I cant upload images, there is this Error Message: You can not upload attachments. You do not have enough posts yet :eek:
  3. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Add-on ] Facebook’s Open Graph Image or og:image For Forums and Threads 1.0.0

    XenForo’s open graph image is sitewide and you can’t specify different images to different forums and threads. It becomes boring on social media where images are a major part of making content go viral. Thanks to @vlom31 of HackerDeCroissance for sharing the idea, paying me to develop it and...
  4. H

    [Free Style] Simplify by IPS Themes 1.0.11

    Simplify delivers a clean, fresh and minimalist feel throughout the IPB forum whilst ensuring areas of importance are clearly emphasised and easy to use. Simplify allows administrators to customize the skin in a variety of different ways through the ACP making it one of the most powerful IPB...
  5. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] Giphy Integration 1.2.2

    Bringing Giphy Search functionality to your forums. This tool creates a new toolbar button in the editor and quick reply allowing you to search giphy and push a Giphy image into your post. The amount of returned images in a search is configurable by you (minimum 1, maximum 100, the end user...
  6. XenForo Rocks

    [XFA] Extended Cover

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: [XFA] Extended Cover - Bring customization to a new level with cover image in thread/forum/profile (Facebook like) Read more about this resource...
  7. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [XFA] Extended Cover 4.2.9

    Description Have you ever wished to have a more neater look'n'feel for the threads, forums and profiles on your forum ? Then Extended Cover is just what you wished for ! With adequate permissions, your members can select to upload multiples cover images when they create a new thread and theirs...
  8. XenForo Rocks

    [Nobita] Image Optimizer

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: [Nobita] Image Optimizer - Optimize all attachments in your forum to save disk space. Read more about this resource...
  9. XenForo Rocks

    [PubliC Release] [Nobita] Image Optimizer 1.1.3

    DESCRIPTION Optimizing all images which stored in XenForo to lower size and do not loss quality. Content Supported: XenForo default attachments Profile avatars Image Proxy Cache IMPORTANT Add-on have provide a powerful settings in ACP options. You MUST settings option before running...
  10. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] GoodForNothing Image Optimizer 1.0.1 Update 3

    How to Buy Please read the FAQ :) Note: There is an incompatibility between the new version of GFNIo and the current version of GFNClassifieds because these two add-ons use two different versions of GFNCore. Those who are running GFNClassifieds on their site, please hold on till this is fixed...
  11. XenForo Rocks

    GoodForNothing Image Optimizer

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: GoodForNothing Image Optimizer - Compress/Optimize attached images to increase loading speed and reduce disk space usage... Read more about this resource...
  12. XenForo Rocks

    [RSS Feed/News] Pages SuperSlider

    Pages SuperSlider is a versatile and customizable slider/swiper block template for Pages database blocks. Check out the live demo to see it in action. SuperSlider is fully responsive, touch-enabled for mobile devices and works in the main content column of single-column pages or in the sidebar...
  13. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [TH] Hotspots 1.1.3a

    [TH] Hotspots - Allow users to pin locations on maps Description This add-on allows users to pin locations or hotspots to maps to be viewed by other users. Features Users can browse a full list of hotspots View extra information about the hotspot, including: Full BB code description...
  14. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [TH] Covers 1.0.0 Patch Level 3

    What does this add-on do? [TH] Covers will allow covers to be set at various locations throughout your XenForo board. It allows for a large amount of customization to allow for every user to express themselves. How do I use it? We have complete documentation available for this add-on here...
  15. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [TH] Article Manager 2.0.8

    About this add-on This add-on is designed to add an Article Manager system to your forum. The Article Manager comes with Categories, Commenting System, Thread Promotions and Associations, Attachments, Ratings, Prefixes and Tags. Posting articles can be done using the full Rich Text Editor. You...
  16. roothacker

    [Answered] Vip Status

    Where is my Vip status I have just paid for 1 year And your premium upgrade Imformation does not get always ne page displayed and this here. The page you are looking for can not be found. Similar results are provided below, or you can try another search...
  17. M

    Hide Brivium Add-ons Copyright

    MonochromeXD submitted a new resource: Hide Brivium Add-ons Copyright - HideBriviumCopyright Read more about this resource...
  18. M

    [xenForo Tips/Guide] Hide Brivium Add-ons Copyright

    Hello guys, im gonna share about how to hide Brivium Add-Ons Copyright. This is what it looks like when you scroll-down and checked your footer: So to hide this copyright footer of your Brivium Add-Ons Go to your Appearance>Templates>Search/Look for EXTRA.css>Copy this Code: #BRCopyright {...
  19. XenForo Rocks

    Brivium - Thread Cover

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Brivium - Thread Cover - An amazing add-on to customize your thread view with magical features. Read more about this resource...
  20. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] Brivium - Thread Cover 1.0.0

    An amazing add-on to customize your thread view with magical features. FEATURES: - Allow users upload a Cover Image on thread view page like Facebook with 4 difference styles (Classic 1, Classic 2, Modern 1, Modern 2). - Easily and powerful way to choose Thread Cover position through hook and...