INDEX, an acronym for Information through Disguised Experimentation is an annual market research fair conducted by the students of IIM-Lucknow. Students create games and various other simulated environments, to capture consumers’ subconscious thoughts. This innovative method of market research removes the sensitization effect that might bias peoples answers to questions. This ensures that the most truthful answers are captured to research questions. The games are designed in such a way that the observers can elicit all the required information just by observing and noting down the behaviour and the responses of the participants.
INDEX is primarily a fair conducted in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, which provides the people of the city an opportunity to experience the elements of a mela. Apart from the market research, the fair also attracts crowds through various innovative and interactive entertainment forums such as song and dance events, games, competitions and the many local vendors displaying their goods and services at the ground. The carnival atmosphere generates enthusiasm among the crowd, which leads to a more comprehensive research opportunity for the students to understand market insights in a live environment.

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