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  1. Dannyj

    Do you use nulled or paid forum software?

    What are you using on your forum? Nulled software(like nulled xenforo, IPBoard etc.) or paid software(like licensed xenforo, IPBoard etc.) or do you prefer free(like MyBB, SMF etc.) If you run with nulled software, do people complain about it? Or do you hide it? I was wondering about this...
  2. U

    Stats like IPBoard for xenforo

    unleashed submitted a new resource: Stats like IPBoard for xenforo - Stats like IPBoard for xenforo Read more about this resource...
  3. U

    [Template/Code Modification] Stats like IPBoard for xenforo

    This tutorial will show you how to put your XF stats like IPB. Go on your templates and create a new template called : statsipb and put : <xen:require css="footer_stats.css" /> <div id="board_stats" class="breadBoxBottom"> <ul class="ipsType_small ipsList_inline"> <span...