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    Light vs Dark - Which theme you like ?

    Hola guys, just a simple thread to know that you like much which type of theme, becoz u need to choose for my forum , cast your votes :)
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    [Free Style] cleanForo 1.2.1

    This is a simple style based on default XenForo style. All edits are made in style properties and with some extra codes in cleanforo.css template. With this style you won't have headaches when upgrading XenForo, because no core templates are changed (except one line for adding the...
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    [Free Style] 8thos Rain 1.0

    This resource is unsupported. Directions: 1. Download attached zip, upload the contents of the folder called Upload to your forum root. 2.AdminCP/Styles/Import a Style/ style-8thos-Rain.xml from the 8thos Rain Theme Folder. ENJOY!! :)
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    [iNTERNAL] Xenith

    Xenith is a carefully designed theme for XenForo. We took special care in crafting each XenForo page to ensure quality and offer an engaging and interactive experience for your users. From profile to the postbit, from the threadlist to search listings, we made sure the design was cohesive. We...