1. spidey

    How to replace: 1 other person like this

    How to replace: 1 other person like this? So that we can see all the members who liked. Thanks
  2. B

    which like system do you use?

    I am new. which like system do you use . I am looking for this like and download in resources . thanks
  3. E

    [Answered] Xenforo newbie ... best add ons and plugins to start the journey

    Hi guys, i am new to Xenforo and i have searching around but it seems their is not a complete answer so i am making a post so you guys can guide a little bit. I have done my research basically want something like xenforo.rocks 1. donate tab (i think this one is easy) 2. includes adds to the...
  4. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Add-on ] Like Limit Per Node by AddonsLab 1.6.1

    The add-on allows setting limits on how many times a can like posts in a predefined time. The number of likes and the time limits are configurable from user group permissions, under Forum Permissions section. They can also be set on a per-node basis for each forum. The product also allows to set...
  5. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [TH] Like Threads 1.0.0

    [TH] Like Threads - Add a like system to threads Description This add-on adds a like system to your threads. Features Add ability to like threads Automatically set threads above a set threshold as sticky Show a specific number of most-liked threads on: The forum index A new...
  6. Healier

    [Feedback] No like button for posts on mobile

    So these days I'm browsing the forums with Chrome for Android but when I try to like a post I must request the desktop site or the button just doesn't show
  7. B

    Make the category to look like this

    Hi guys! Awesome work you are doing here :) I want to ask where I should ask someone to help me... I want code for something like this Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Now I managed to make it look like that but its not responsive :( Kind regards
  8. T

    Why I cannot see the like button?

    As the question says, the like button does not appear. Why does this happen?
  9. A

    Really like the new look!

    I really like this new modern, flat theme look. It feels cozy for the forum instead of deep darkness :P Just thought I'd post my thoughts. Cheers!
  10. S

    No option to "like" resource

    There is no option to "like" the resource to download them.
  11. J

    What do i like

    Hi there! I like funny pills and xenforo
  12. Y

    hi I like this

    i am thai ^^"
  13. U

    [Template/Code Modification] Stats like IPBoard for xenforo

    This tutorial will show you how to put your XF stats like IPB. Go on your templates and create a new template called : statsipb and put : <xen:require css="footer_stats.css" /> <div id="board_stats" class="breadBoxBottom"> <ul class="ipsType_small ipsList_inline"> <span...