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    [iNTERNAL] [bd] Link Expander 1.2.3

    [bd] Link Expander Rich and helpful link preview for better discussions. [FEATURES] 1. Link preview in-post with thumbnail, title and description 2. Work smart and fast, do not make significant impact on server performance even with lots of links 3. Give admin total control with lots of options...
  2. B

    [Solved] Image Proxy, Link Proxy

    Hello, Can someone tell me the right Settings for the Image and Link Proxy? I am not sure if this is ok: Which Secret Key should i write in, some Random Key? PS: I cant upload images, there is this Error Message: You can not upload attachments. You do not have enough posts yet :eek:
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    [PubliC Release] Custom Tab In Threads - ThemesCorp.com 1.0.4

    This add-on lets you add a tab in your threads. (as Resource Manager) DEMO: - Normal mode -> Custom Tab (Normal mode) | ThemesCorp.com - Link mode -> Custom tab (link mode) | ThemesCorp.com New v1.0.4: You can now use tab as a link. If you fill in the fields of the link, the tab will be used...
  4. H

    [Template/Code Modification] Add a "Report" button to the member cards

    The following will show you how to add a report button to member cards. Lets say a user is breaking the rules and you go to report that user on their profile, but that user has their account setting to private, you can't report them, then. The only way to report someone then is by adding...
  5. H

    [xenForo Tips/Guide] How To Use Google Feedburner To Send Your Threads To Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr

    This was originally posted on my site as a private blog to show my members how to maximize the potential of their Better Blogs. This tutorial not only applies to blogs but it also applies to your sites' forum's RSS and XenMedio RSS. So... sign into www.feedburner.com with your google account. If...
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    [PubliC Release] [cXF] Sticky Navigation 3.10.0

    Description: With this add-on you're a step closer to modern website approach. It will add a sticky (floating) navigation with many options and customizations in style properties. It was designed to work with default XenForo style (which is easy to customize), so no third party style is needed...
  7. Ass?

    [Answered] Auto Unlock Link after a countdown?

    So, I need to be able to auto-unlock or auto-unhide the links inside a BB code after a set amount of time from thread's date and show a specified message Any ideas?
  8. M

    Facebook link missing

    On thread, create-thread page, the fb page is missing.
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    [Translation] Link Directory (LD) - Link Verzeichnis, german translation 2.6.0

    Deutsche Übersetzung für das Link Verzeichnis (Link Directory, LD) von pixhouse durch otto. Versionen: 1.0 - 1.4 und neuer Das Link Verzeichnis bietet dir eine in das Forum integrierte Link-Liste mit zahlreichen Funktionen wie: Link Verzeichnis sichtbar je nach Gruppenrechten Links können je...