1. roothacker

    [Answered] Vip Status

    Where is my Vip status I have just paid for 1 year And your premium upgrade Imformation does not get always ne https://www.xenforo.rocks/threads/1525/ page displayed and this here. The page you are looking for can not be found. Similar results are provided below, or you can try another search...
  2. XenForo Rocks

    Fixes upgrade issues in some server configurations (already silently patched). Fixes some AdminCP settings showing the wrong value selected, especially in Spam Service settings/ Fixes an error when trying to split a topic. Fixes missing images when setting up Google Authenticator, and an issue...
  3. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Add-on ] Member Map 1.0.5

    Member Map is an add-on that lets your member add their locations to a Google Map. Features Members can add their location to the map Members can, when allowed, delete their location Clicking on a map pointer, or a username in the sidebar opens a neat infobar at the bottom of the map You can...
  4. D

    [BETA 2] vBFoster - The Missing vBulletin Features [Lite]

    drunkenmonkey submitted a new resource: [BETA 2] vBFoster - The Missing vBulletin Features [Lite] - vBFoster Advanced editor for all of vBulletin versions Read more about this resource...
  5. XenForo Rocks

    Add Missing Headers

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Add Missing Headers - Add Missing Headers Read more about this resource...
  6. XenForo Rocks

    [Translation] IPS Community Suite 4 - German (Deutsch) - Formelle Sie-Version 4.0.0_RC7a _1.3

    About This File EN: Download the german language pack for the latest version of IPS Community Suite 4. DE: Downloaden Sie das deutsche Sprachpaket für die neuste Version der IPS Community Suite 4. Version EN: Current Version: 4.0.0 RC7a (Last updated on 02-April-2015) DE: Aktuelle Version...