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    Slow query logger

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Slow query logger - Generate a stack trace on slow queries Read more about this resource...
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    Unmaintained Slow query logger 1.3.1

    Generates an error log entry when a slow query is detected. Limitations Slow query detection is hardcoded to 1 second Works on a single query at a time, not all queries for a request. Only logs slow public queries. Installation I recommend using Add-on install & upgrade or [TH] Install and...
  3. G

    XenForo Registration

    Hello Community! I try to develop a Plugin for my MC Server, that user can register by an simple command, that means: /register <eMail> So, is there a Register-Query that i can start or is it enough if I simply the entries the database? For the passwortd i got the Password Reset Query... -...
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    Password changing

    Hallo Community! I have a question... How can i change a Userpasswort with the MySQL-Database? Have a nice day! Grussler
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    [VB4] Use a Varible in a template WITHOUT registering it!

    Before I "properly' learned how to preregister variables and custom templates in a default vBulletin template, I had no clue how to use all the custom code I had developed for my site on the standard pages my members would use. I figured out a quick and handy workaround to registering a new...
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    [How-TO vB 4] Don't show duplicate smilies in quickreply and new thread list

    Hi all! Have you a lot of Smilies in your forum? Maybe you have some duplicated smilies just because you call same smilie with different keywords, for example can be called by :) :-) and :smile: or :( :-( :sad: If you do that, like me, you'll have duplicate smilies in your smilies lists and...
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    [HOW TO - vB4] Paginating Results

    Introduction Not very much has changed regarding how pagination works since vB 3.8, but quite enough to warrant an update of Revan's great tutorial, dating from 2006. Kudos to Revan. As Revan I assume you know your way around php and can understand at least roughfly what each bit of the code...
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    [Free Add-on ] Unread Post Count 1.2.0

    What this add-on does... The add-on displays a counter above the "What's New?" link on the navigation bar. This counter displays the current number of unread posts (individual posts, not threads) that are visible to the user (it counts the number of unread posts in the forums that are...
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    Tutorial Query to Reset BB Code Media Sites

    unleashed submitted a new resource: Tutorial Query to Reset BB Code Media Sites - Query to Reset BB Code Media Sites Read more about this resource...
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    Query Toolbox

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Query Toolbox - Query Toolbox Read more about this resource...
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    Query Toolbox 1.0.0

    About This File Query Toolbox Introduction Query Toolbox is a 3rd party developer plugin for the Invision Power Suite that adds a few extensions to the Database Schema and Versions section of the Developers Center. Features Implements a "Query Toolbox" feature to the Database Schema page. This...
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    Password Reset Query

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Password Reset Query - A database query to reset a user's password. Useful for recovery of admin login. Read more about this resource...
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    Rebuild user post counts (query)

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Rebuild user post counts (query) - A database query to rebuild all user post counts. Read more about this resource...
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    [xenForo Tips/Guide] Rebuild user post counts (query)

    This will recalculate and update the post counts for all users at once. This is a large query that may take a while to finish. UPDATE xf_user AS user SET message_count = ( SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xf_post AS post LEFT JOIN xf_thread AS thread ON (thread.thread_id = post.thread_id)...