resource manager

  1. Duke D

    Cant create resources!

    I just noticed that I can't create a resource because I can't click continue after selecting a category. I'm using the Material theme by ThemeHouse and I can't create resource when using the default Xenforo theme. Idk why this happened but this was okay before with the Material theme. Please...
  2. willypt

    XenForo Resource Manager

    Do we have, or can you get the "XenForo Resource Manager" from xenforo official?
  3. Matverben

    [Translation] Final French Translation - Xenforo Resource Manager 1.2.3

    Hello ! Here's the Final French Translation of "Xenforo Resource Manager" ( V 1.1.2 ) I've translated in French all the expressions of the add on ( ~450 expressions ) Requires the Add on 'Xenforo Resources Manager' Installation Instruction : Go in you control panel > Languages > Import a...
  4. U

    [xenForo Tips/Guide] Tutorial Translating the Resource Manager

    I will be showing you how to translate the Resource Manager to articles, blogs, reviews, classifieds, etc. It is pretty easy, just takes patience. ;) First you need to go to Appearance, then Search Phrases. Next search for "resource". Some other addons may have "resource" in its phrases so...
  5. XenForo Rocks

    [Template/Code Modification] Add resources tabs below download button using font awesome and tooltip

    Hi, In my forum, sometimes, users (mostly new users) can't find additional information about resources (like versions, updates, custom tabs and ...). And because we used font awesome for tab's titles, so this problem will happen more. Now, lets see how we can add tabs (using font awesome +...
  6. XenForo Rocks

    [Translation] Norwegian translation of XenForo Resource Manager 1.2.2

    Complete Norwegian translation of XenForo Resource Manager