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    [RSS Feed/News] Autocomplete Location Lite

    Thomas.B submitted a new resource: Autocomplete Location Lite - Autocomplete for the location field This add-ons makes it super easy for your members to state their location (city, state or country). Often the right location is already shown on the autocomplete list after the user entered only...
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    [Free Add-on ] Auto Complete Location 6.0

    As requested : Limit Option has been added for auto-fill by IP settings. HOW TO UPDATE ? Just IMPORT the XML file, no need to upload other files :)
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    Daily Thread Actions

    GrandSeb59 submitted a new resource: Daily Thread Actions - Do stuff to threads, eg. closing based on age, moving based on OP group, and many more Read more about this resource...
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    Approve all moderated posts (queries)

    XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource: Approve all moderated posts (queries) - Useful when you have a backlog of moderated posts. Read more about this resource...
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    [xenForo Tips/Guide] Approve all moderated posts (queries)

    You can run these two queries to approve all moderated posts: DELETE FROM xf_moderation_queue WHERE content_type = 'post'; UPDATE xf_post SET message_state = 'visible' WHERE message_state = 'moderated'; And here are the queries to approve all moderated threads: DELETE FROM...
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    [xenForo Tips/Guide] Soft delete all moderated posts (queries)

    You can run these queries to soft delete all moderated posts. You need to change the red pieces to attribute these deletions to a user_id and username, as well as give the reason. These things are recorded in the deletion log: INSERT INTO xf_deletion_log (content_type, content_id, delete_date...
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    [xenForo Tips/Guide] Rebuild user post counts (query)

    This will recalculate and update the post counts for all users at once. This is a large query that may take a while to finish. UPDATE xf_user AS user SET message_count = ( SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xf_post AS post LEFT JOIN xf_thread AS thread ON (thread.thread_id = post.thread_id)...