1. XenForo Rocks

    [iNTERNAL] [XFA] Tags Generator 2.2.0

    Description It's time to get the content of your forum tagged to meet your expectations ! With this add-on from XFA, you can generate tags for the elements which are not sufficiently tagged on your forum, supporting the following content tagging: Threads Resources Documents The generator...
  2. legendishere

    [Solved] TAG PROBLEM

    Sir I want see the tags in a line .. here its Not like that Please help me To Fix this ;(
  3. XenForo Rocks

    Thread Tag Importers 1.0.1

    We released XenForo 1.5.6 today which adds support for importing content tags from vBulletin and IP Board. That will only work for new imports, however. This add-on will allow you to retroactively import tags from these forums. This add-on utilises code from XenForo 1.5.6 and therefore can...
  4. XenForo Rocks

    [PubliC Release] Tag Essentials 1.7.1

    Canonical/Similar Tags Functionality to build a list of parent (canonical) tags with their children (similar) tags. This will auto convert the similar tags to the canonical tag when one (or more) is used. Admin CP Page listing the canonical tags Page to add/edit a canonical tag Link...
  5. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Add-on ] Related Contents 1.5.2

    This addon will show related contents on threads, based on Xenforo 1.5 Tags. Multiple Content Types supported. Main features: - Unlimited Content types. - Cache Related contents. - Set maximum number of contents in the Related Contents block. Admin Cp -> Options -> Content Tagging -> Enable...