1. Ass?

    [Answered] Easy to read rules and FAQs

    Since Wiki is not a *perfect* solution for me I'd like to know any addon (or HTML code) which can be used to do the following and have it's own pages like wiki I'm positive that an HTML code will work for me just fine if I integrate it with my wiki
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    Enigma submitted a new resource: ToggleME - Collapse/Expand forum categories, widgets, sidebar, subforums, postbit & polls Read more about this resource...
  3. XenForo Rocks

    [Free Add-on ] ToggleME 3.1.4

    ToggleME ! by Cédric CLAERHOUT The version 3.x of this addon requires at least XenForo 1.2 Paypal donation Addon Presentation This addon will allow your users to collapse/expand some parts of your website: forum categories widgets sidebar sub-forums postbit (*) polls (*) These toggle...
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    [RSS Feed/News] ToggleME

    cclaerhout submitted a new resource: ToggleME Collapse/Expand forum categories on forum page (and much more) Read more Continue reading...