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    Honeypot 1.1.1

    Was ist "HoneyPot"? Bei diesem Plugin handelt es sich um ein zusätzliches Sicherheitsfeature für das WCF. Dazu werden der Registrierung zwei neue, für den "normalen" Besucher unsichtbare Formularfelder hinzugefügt. Wie funktioniert das? Bots sind dafür bekannt, dass sie jedes "sichtbare" Feld...
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    User Profile Field Youtube 2.0.0

    Informations: YouTube user profile field is added in the profile in the category contact. You can add your YouTube username at Edit Profile. You'll find a link to your YouTube Channel on your profile. Plugin doesn't support usernames with special characters in the url. Settings: Notice in the...
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    User online marking extension 1.2.1 pl 3

    This plugin adds the online marking for all links added a userLink class besitzten, this is done via Ajax. This is, for example, the case in the sidebar, conversation, Dashboard and many farther sides. IMAGES
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    Anonymized posts 1.0.2

    Allows to create anonymized posts. Spick and Span… Anonymized posts don’t leave any information that could uniquely identify a single user. Neither users, nor the moderation team will be able to find out who wrote a post. The plugin therefore is suitable for anonymous moderation evaluation as...
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    Hide selected usergroups from the members list 1.0.1 pl 2

    This plugin for WoltLab Community Framework 2 (Maelstrom) hides members of selected usergroups from the members list. You can also hide members, which are disabled or banned. Images