1. maximuz

    [Question] Buy vip

    Good I want to buy but I only have $ through paypal
  2. X

    [Solved] VIP payment option

    Hi, i'm using the 1.5.12 version, where can get the addos or plugin to payment vip ? Thanks for helping.
  3. S

    [Answered] Am I am "Member" if I Upgrade to VIP?

    I apologize if the answer to this question is blindingly obvious but there is an option to upgrade to Member Status and there is an option to upgrade to VIP status. Do I need to do both in order to upgrade to VIP or is an upgrade to VIP sufficient and includes Member status?
  4. dentoffe


    I want to buy vip for 1 month to test it out. I also would suggest making a system that it takes some time to download a vip file unless your vip (that you need to watch adds for example)