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    [Solved] Xenporta 2, Promote to article option not avaiable

    I have downloaded and installed XenPorta 2 addon but I am not able to promote thread as an article or feature, No option is available in the drop-down menu to promote thread as article or feature. The addon is installed and active. Anyone, please help.
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    [Free Add-on ] XenPorta 2 Recent Thread Widget Rich Usernames and READ/UNREAD color 2015-08-21

    So if you would like to have The Xenporta 2 Recent Thread Sidebar Block to have Read and Unread titles a different color, as well as rich usernames, here is the code you need. Find EWRwidget_Threads And find the following: <xen:foreach loop="$wUncached" value="$thread"> <li...