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[bd] Widget Framework 2.6.3

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I deleted the topics but it shows in "Latest" in the respective forums. In latest topic widget also it remained after deleting permanently and i able to fix that one by disabling Cache TTL . but i couldn't able to fix this one.

Hi @Caldexi.
So the Widget Framework add-on allows us to use conditionals on widgets. I want to use a conditional to exclude that widget from being displayed on the home page created by Brogan's CTA Home Page add-on. I want to create a widget to display a banner ad on the forums and everywhere else EXCEPT the CTA Home Page. So for that, I think, I need a conditional to exclude that widget from being displayed on the CTA Home Page. Can you write here a conditional that will serve this purpose?

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Caldexi updated [bd] Widget Framework with a new update entry:

Major Update 2.6.3

This is a major update and backup is strongly advised if you are upgrading from 2.5.9. Sites running 2.6.3 beta should have no issue though.

Change logs:
- PHP 7.2 compatibility
- Redesigned Layout Editor
- Performance improvements
- Added: Profile Posts renderer
- Added: Layouts in Threads renderer
- Added: User Follow, User Info renderer
- Added: XenForo Media Gallery support
- Added: Widget page’s widgets import / export
- Added: Cache Store option
- Changed: Expression is deprecated...
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