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[Answered] Category in Navigation Menu


Hi. So basically i want to add a Forum category and its child categories in the Navigation Menu.
For example:
Where ANIME should be the menu in NAV and the sublist will be the categories inside..

Thank you.
Hey @metax.

It looks like they enabled this setting: ACP > Options > Node & Forum List > enable Create Pages for Categories.

If you need further assistance then don't hesitate to continue this thread!
I can't see anything different with that options... I mean i want a category with all its own categories in Navigation Bar. Like this.: upload_2016-12-10_1-7-47.png
I don't think this addons will help me. The problem is that i don't want to add manually the child categories from MAIN. I want only to add a main Categories and have a automatic popup or dropdown list with all his categories.
Hey @metax.

Try this, navigate to ACP > Appearance > Style Properties > {your_default_style} > Forum / Node List > and enable all the settings on that page, it allows you to display a dropdown box for subcategories.
Maybe i wasn't so clear. The attachment image what i posted above is on my forum. I want that "dropdown box for subcategories." in Navigation BAR [ top ]. ( and i don't want to create a TAB: Anime and after add manually every single anime in it )