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Flat Smilies for XenForo 1.2

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Flat Smilies for XenForo - Flat smilies for XenForo...

This is a small pack of flat styled smilies I recreated in Illustrator.

The styling is based off of Facebook's emoji, and most colors derived from flatuicolors.com. So while I remade them in Illustrator, all cred goes to everyone else.


To install using the sprite sheet:
Upload the sprite sheet to your server.
Login to your ACP, and on the homepage, click Smilies.
Click Add New Smilie at the top....
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Caldexi updated Flat Smilies for XenForo with a new update entry:

v1.0 -> 1.2

  • Updated resource icon.
  • Updated resource description.
  • Added Spiderman, Middle Finger, High Five, Sick, Popcorn, Smug, Blank Stare, Joyful, Batman, Deadpool.
  • Fixed the angry face to the appropriate colors. The red wasn't the proper red from flatuicolors.com. Now it is.
  • Also changed out a couple which were too alike with kisses.
If you experience any issues then don't hesitate to contact TeamXFR Staff.
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