[Question] How to add albums to categories?

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    I have been looking everywhere on how to add albums to categories with XenForo Media Gallery and cannot find a way.

    I have seen other websites do this but it says they're using "XenGallery" with XenForo. I guess that is different then XenForo Media Gallery? I am not sure.

    I looked around for an add-on on this site that could fulfill that need and couldn't find one.

    You see I'm sharing short comics and as it works now, all comic pages are all scattered throughout the media index. I only want galleries listed so that you only see the covers of hte comic then you can open it up to read the contents.

    Any tips would be great! What would be awesome is if XenForo worked with CBZ or CBR files and I could just upload those.

    Thanks for the help guys!
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