How to secure your Xenforo forum



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How to secure your Xenforo forum - Secure Xenforo

This tutorial will show you how to secure your XF forum.
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EVERY TIPS is important for the security of your XenForo forum

1) Always get the last version of xenforo

2) Put a .htaccess file inside your...
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Update please that you can change your Admin.php name in /library/XenForo/Link.php and find "admin.php and change admin to whatever you'll like. Next you will want to rename "admin.php" at the root of your server to what you named it too. If you would like for your admin link on your forum to redirect right Got to your admincp via your new file link and go to your style templates and Go to Moderator_Bar and Find:
<a href="admin.php" class="acp adminLink"><span class="itemLabel">{xen:phrase admin_control_panel_short}</span></a>
You will want to change the name admin to your new file name and boom you are done :)