Light vs Dark - Which theme you like ?

You like which type of theme ?

  • Light

    Votes: 42 46.2%
  • Dark

    Votes: 49 53.8%

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Hola guys,

just a simple thread to know that you like much which type of theme, becoz u need to choose for my forum , cast your votes :)
Well, its totally dependent on the user in question and what it's being used for for example mysite uses a dark theme (runaway) thats solely based on the fact that my small community servers are based around the zombie genre.

For a forum like this a light theme is most suitable as it's more or less a service provider, it's providing us with the tools to run our xenforo forum, the light theme for this forum makes it more processional which im sure the staff agree with.

So in conclusion, it's down to the user and there specific needs.
Thx for your views guys since vote is currently 50/50 , I will gonna wait for some more votes of people :) to check in which theme people have more intrest , though currently I am just looking for what people think about dark and light styles :)
You should adjust the design to the specific colors of your community, ligher colors are more common for active community websites and hosting providers, darker colors are making you more tired. It's personal opinion at the end of the day ;).
For me the dark theme is good. It has less stress on the eyes due to brightness. Also the theme's look and design matters to select with what I am comfortable with. :)
I definently prefer dark themes, simply because it's not as hard on the eyes late at night. Nothing worse than brightness on your monitor while it's late :p
Personally I prefer dark but that's mainly because I do a lot of gaming websites. My main clan does a deep theme. I think the light themes are just a little too bright for me.


It depends on how I'm feeling that day, but for the most part, I totally prefer light themes. They are way cleaner.
It's sad, since one of the sites I help administrate uses all dark colors :(