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Light vs Dark - Which theme you like ?

You like which type of theme ?

  • Light

    Votes: 37 48.1%
  • Dark

    Votes: 40 51.9%

  • Total voters
I have created both light and dark themes. I think that light themes are a little easier to get a cool palette created. I've struggled with dark themes.
Dark Themes my eyes are bad had 4 operations on them and the light themes are just to harsh the dark themes I can take for long periods with no problems
Dark themes are easier for me to view, especially during the night. Otherwise light themes are also cool as you can enforce a color template much more easily than on a dark theme.

- iA
I prefer dark themes solely because it's easy on the eyes. I don't want to browse light themes right before bed either, since it usually stresses the eyes too much.


light theme = weak race

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i don't prefer light themes because some trend to hurt the eyes when they aren't using the right color palette,
Instead, darker themes (not so dark) are more comfortable
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