Promotion Based Images for User Titles

This example will apply a custom image for usergroup if a user is valid and has between 0-100 posts. Use this as a template to create as many groups as you want. Just remember that for it to apply that the Display Styling Property must be the highest of all usergroups a user is in.

  1. Create new User Group:
    @ Admin Control Panel -> Users -> User Groups
    • Title: Less than 100 Posts
    • Display Styling Priority: 3
    • User Title Override: 'X' - Use the following user title:
      <span class="title100"><span>
  2. Create new User Group Promotion:
    @ Admin Control Panel -> Users -> User Groups -> User Group Promotions
    • Title: Less than 100 posts
    • Add user to user groups: 'X' - Less than 100 Posts
    • Privileges and Status: 'X' - User state is valid
    • Content and Achievements:
      User has posted at least X messages: 0
      User has posted no more than X messages: 100

  3. Add custom styling
    @ Edit Template: EXTRA.css

    (you may use this placeholder image until you verify everything works then simply replace with a path/to/your.image.png)
    /* title for less than 100 posts */
    .title100 {
      background-image: url("");
      background-repeat: no-repeat;
      display: block;
      height: 15px;

(cron jobs are as the name intends...they are jobs that run at specific intervals, doing this will let you see your results without waiting)
ACP -> Tools -> Cron Entries
User Group Promotions - controls - run

You changes will be applied and if done correctly this will be pushed to all applicable members.

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