Uprage Xenword and Xenforo

So i wan't buying the VIP membership again, but i have a two queston, before buying:

I want uprage my xenforo to 2.0. (i have a now 1.5.6.). But I'm currently using the XenWord pro too. If I upgrade to Xenforo, will the user accounts be lost? But if I update xenforo 2.0., need too uprage the XenWord too. So i need double uprage: Xenforo and XenWord. If I update both, will any user accounts remain and no changes will be made to the flock accounts?

Thanks the answer!

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I want uprage my xenforo to 2.0. (i have a now 1.5.6.).
Best would be first upgrading you xenforo and xenword to latest 1.x release then after that upgrading to 2.x version of xenforo and the adding so that there would be no compability and other issues are there for upgrade. Take backups before proceeding and no I don't think so you will have any data loss from xenforo on upgrading

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