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    vBulletin 5.3.2 Beta 1 is now available to all licensed customers. This version should be used for evaluation purposes only. This software should not be used on live sites.

    Inline Log In
    Imagine that you've logged in but forgot to check the Remember Me button. You find an interesting topic and type a long reply. When you're finished, you submit the post and get an error that says you don't have permission to perform that action. What happened is your session timed out while typing. To resolve this, we have added Inline Log In. Now instead of receiving a confusing message, you will receive a dialog box asking for your password in order to properly process the new post.

    Push Notification Framework
    We have added the framework for push notifications to vBulletin 5. This framework will currently support Private Message notifications being pushed to the Mobile Suite. As demand warrants, we will add different types of content notifications. In order to use Push Notifications, you will need to register your site with Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) system. Site Administrators can register their sites here:

    Registering your site will provide a Server Key. You need to enter these into vBulletin under Settings -> Options -> vBulletin Mobile and API Options.

    User Tokens
    Once the Mobile Suite is updated to support Push Notifications, your users will need to update the App and allow it to receive notifications via the system settings. This will create a token to allow them to receive push notifications. The token will remain valid as long as they remain logged into the App. If the user is inactive for more than 7 days, the system will stop sending the user push notifications.

    More information on Push Notifications will be coming soon.

    Is your site using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    Is your site running on SSL, also referred to as HTTPS? The Secure Socket Layer provides a security standard that creates an encrypted link between your site and the user's browser making sure everything transmitted remains private and is not changed midstream. This is the preferred method of accessing a website in 2017 and currently provides a small boost to search engine rankings. vBulletin 5 Connect has full support for SSL. If you are not using SSL at this time check out our article on converting your site to use HTTPS:

    All vBulletin Cloud sites are configured to use SSL as a free add-on feature.

    System Requirements
    Minimum PHP Version: 5.6.0
    Minimum MySQL Version: 5.5.0

    Recommended PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
    Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
    Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

    Current Version Support Schedule:
    • Active Version - 5.3.1
    • Security Patch - 5.3.0
    • Security Patch - 5.2.6
    • No Patch Release - 5.2.5 or earlier.

    If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here: https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/node/4372472

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