Where can i upgrade so i can get access to the vip downloads?


... I've tried to browse the forums to figure out what's wrong, but i can only find that VIP is no longer available to anyone? But there are Premium addons still listed, so how can i access them? Please enlighten me! :)

Sorry for posting here, but support forum are not available to me.


EDIT: I found this reply further down: "We will manually upgrade users who deserves it". Is there a way to deserve this? I'm neither a nuller or a programmer, so i can't help out with programming or null addons etc, am i all out of luck then?


EDIT2: If it turns out that i am out of luck. Is it possible to purchase certant premium addons in other ways?

EDIT3: Sorry for spamming EDITS. But edit is limited to 5 minutes.

I'm all out of EDITS now.

Thanks once more.