XenForo 2.1.2 Nulled Released

XenForo 2.1.2 Nulled Released XenForo 2.1.6 Patch 1

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XenForo 2.1.1 Nulled Released - XenForo Nulled

XenForo 2.1.1 is now available for all licensed customers to download. We recommend that all customers running previous versions of XenForo 2.1 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability.

We have also made some improvements to the importer framework. Notably it is now possible to perform a multi-process import in order to make better use of multi-core processors. If you run an import via the CLI and you add the --processes option with a value greater than 1, then...
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TocToc45 updated XenForo 2.1.1 Nulled Released with a new update entry:

Xenforo Nulled

Some of the changes in XF 2.1.2 include:

  • Update Font Awesome to 5.8.1.
  • Update Froala to version 2.9.4.
  • A number of fixes related to Stripe payment handling including performance optimisation, and better error handling.
  • Ensure conversation recipient cache is correctly updated when users are merged.
  • Always link to the conversation/unread action from the conversation list/popup.
  • Do not reset conversation read-marking data when marking a conversation read/unread.
  • Add...
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TocToc45 updated XenForo 2.1.2 Nulled Released with a new update entry:

XenForo 2.1.3 Nulled Released

Some of the changes in XF 2.1.3 include:

  • Don't log when a push notification hits a 406 error as this is a temporary rate limiting issue.
  • Update the Microsoft connected account explain text to point to the new Azure app registration portal.
  • When logging a visitor out, pass the Clear-Site-Data header to ensure that cached content which may not ordinarily be visible by the next visitor, or a guest, remains not visible. (Thanks @Steffen)...
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