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    Hello guys, I nerver for once have regret to have stumble upon this site because of their great work being done here. And also thanks to the admin of this wonderful site.

    Please I really need your help in setting up my xenforo spoiler although it is working need some changes which I want to make.
    My spoiler is only meant for registered members in my forum and restricted to the visitor which they would have to sign up for it. So I want it my xenforo spoiler code to work for some set of my members let's say with title rank instead for all members.
    So what I am saying, in essence, is that I want it to only work my users with a title rank e.g Guru so how can I set it up please help is needed here.
    <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">
    <div class="ToggleTriggerAnchor bbCodeSpoilerContainer">
       <button class="button bbCodeSpoilerButton ToggleTrigger Tooltip JsOnly"
         title="{xen:phrase click_to_reveal_spoiler}"
         data-target="> .SpoilerTarget"><span>{xen:phrase spoiler}{xen:if $titleHtml, ': <span class="SpoilerTitle">{xen:raw $titleHtml}</span>'}</span></button>
       <div class="SpoilerTarget bbCodeSpoilerText">{xen:raw $content}</div>
    <xen:else />
    <a href="{xen:link register}" class="button"><span>You need to be a guru member!</span></a>
    And also have already install the addon before, so what I am saying is that how can I edit the spoiler to only works for a specific user group e.g users with title rank (Guru) . So this will not work for all registered user but instead the spoiler will only work for user with user group (Guru). And I have seen such in a forum before. Please would very appreciate if you can help me out though I have installed the addon and it is working fine for all registered users but what I want is to work for a specific user group.
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